Q & A

May I use or display your work? 


All the works displayed here are copyrighted by Piety Choi. This means that no individual or organization may reproduce or modify or display her work in any form without a written permission from the artist. The right to use or display her artwork for a commercial purpose may be purchased with a reasonable fee. The permission for non-profit use may be granted in some special cases without a fee. In all cases, it is expected that a proper credit should be given to the artist upon any display of her work. Please ask the artist, using the contact form at the bottom right of this page, with an explanation why you seek such a permission. ​

May I purchase your work?

Yes. If you visit my art shows, the prices are usually displayed there with the works. If you want to purchase my work, I recommend that you physically see the work first. The prices vary depending largely on its size and the type of work. Shipping may be arranged if the work cannot be picked up. Viewing of my artwork may be done by appointment. Please use the contact form below to request more detailed information.    

Do you work for commissions?

Yes. I work for commissions on a case by case basis. The most popular works for commissions are portraits. However,
I take on other commissioned works requested by both individuals, groups, and organizations. ​These include, but are not limited to, designs, large paintings symbolizing or fit for organizations. The price list for portraits, which depend mainly on the size, can be obtained by requesting it. 

I would like to make a comment. Or, I have further questions.

Please feel free to make comments on any of my works. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. 

Please use the contact form on the right.  ​

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