I'm a freelance artist, working also as a juror and a curator for art shows. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the oldest professional art school in the United States. Before I immigrated to the States in 1980, I studied at Seoul Women's University in South Korea where I served as a writer/photographer for the college newspaper. I have taught watercolor and oil painting classes for various organizations and institutions and do commissioned paintings.  

I have been the Exhibition Director of the Greenville Artist Guild in Greenville, Illinois for 4 years. I have previously worked with PAC (Philadelphia Arts Connection), The Da Vinci Art Alliance, and The Art Association of Harrisburg. the Highwire Gallery for many years, and was a member of The Philadelphia Sketch Club and the Main Line Art Center in Pennsylvania.   

I have had many solo exhibitions and numerous group shows in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, and participated in a number of national shows. My works have been selected for many awards and prizes. I recently had a couple of international exhibitions: Ansan International Art Fair and the Inchon Women's Biennale, both held in South Korea.  


"The Last Words" 2011, 24" x24"

Sand & Acrylic on Canvas

Key mediums for my artwork include sand, wax, oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, oil pastel and collage. My works ranges from abstracts to creative portraits to photography. There are a few long-term projects I am working on. These include (1) semi-abstract paintings involving Biblical encounters and spiritual symbolism, (2) the "Encountering Beauty" series, and (3) the "Shadows of the Soul" series (see below for more detailed explanations).   


Sand is, perhaps, a most primitive medium of creative art. Because it is primitive, it can also be profound in representing the nature of our often coarse and frail, but creative and imaginative existence. Hence, I love to work with sand when appropriate. It adds volume and special textures to the paintings (see, for example, the painting on the right) when combined with other mediums.

As a Christian, I love to explore biblical encounters and spiritual experiences often in symbolic and/or semi-abstract forms (see, for example, the painting on the left). These symbols include fish, birds, rocks, trees, and butterflies.  See Portfolio I.  

"Yearning", 2008, 40"x40"

Sand & Acrylic on panel


I often encounter beauty in ordinary things. As I walk down the streets, I see buildings, walls, roadways often aged, rundown, tainted, and scarred. But, I find in them the beauty that cannot be found elsewhere. I capture these images in photographs and process them to produce unique artworks. See Home page (bottom) and Portfolio I. 

The "Shadows of the Soul" has a number of different sub-series in which I have used different mediums. Each work in those series represents different spiritual and/or existential experiences in life. See, for example, the series on the right. See also Portfolio II for more.     

Portraits are often done at request. We all want to capture precious moments of our beloved ones. Those moments can be better preserved if they are done in a creative art form. See also Portfolio II.